About Us

We at Zein consulting are here to help you achieve your goals. Our role is to understand (or even help you develop) a clear idea of where you want to be, and then help you get there.

Our Team

                MOHAMED ISSAK, BFA, BCS, CAE
Mohamed’s HR background allows him to look beyond the obvious and create high-energy and engaging workshops to put even the most nervous social media user at ease. He specializes in making the most of your organization’s online interactions by equipping your people with the skills, tools, and confidence to represent your products, services, and most importantly, values.



Mohamed extensive banking and Finance background allows him to look beyond the everyday complexities and identify opportunities to maximize strategic outcomes. Mohamed specialist in strategic thinking and business optimization, Mohamed’s energy and passion will uplift and instill confidence in your business as it meets future challenges.



With an MBA from Labrobe University and more than 8 years of experience as an entrepreneurship and Small Business, Ahmed is an expert in leveraging entrepreneurial skills and qualities in corporate and non-profit settings. He believes that tapping into employees’, volunteers’, and board members’ hidden talents is one of the most powerful tools for organizational growth.


Principle Services Offerings

Fundamentals of Human Resources Management

Zein Consultants offers a comprehensive client centric service HR models that captures the complete employee lifecycle. Our services are designed to enable our clients to achieve operational excellence in critical HR risk areas. We build and help you implement legally sound, logical and tailored HR policies and procedures which are aligned to your business objectives.

Business Development

Our expert team of consultants can assist you in developing your business structure. From refining your Mission statement right through to structuring a comprehensive business plan that showcase your existence. ZEIN specialise in the following;

> Discovery Workshop
> Organisation learning and Cultural development
> Strategic Planning & Clean Execution
> Sales Performance

Servicing CaLD Communities

Our consultants have a passion for brining real world experience to members of cultural and linguistically diverse communities (CaLD). ZEIN is an SME in providing business services and training workshop for members of cald communities our aim is to;

> Increase CaLD participation in the small business sector
> Share the experiences of successful CaLD small business owners and entrepreneurs
> Increase CaLD uptake of small business development services and support
> customise key SBDC resources to meet the needs of CaLD stakeholders.

Our commitment to you

Our team is committed to deliving on quality work that meet your expectations, we hold ourself to our values:

  • Client-Focused

    Deliver on time

    We do what we say we will do

    Straightforward and practical advice

    Commercial and pragmatic

  • Dynamic

    We are passionate about what we do

    Flexible, tailored outcomes

    Stimulating positive change

  • Authentic

    We enjoy working with our clients and with each other

    Fresh and open to new ideas

    Honset and upfront

  • Broad Expertise

    Knowledgeable across the HR spectrum

    Educating and empowering our clients

    We continually learn, develop and improve