Engaged employees are happy, motivated and inspired to achieve more, both for themselves and the business they work for. However, it is important for managers to foster a culture of engagement throughout the business in order to reap the rewards of an engaged team.

This training will show delegates how to identify a lack of engagement and how to create an engaged culture which leads to higher productivity and better staff retention.

Zein's style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.


  • The definition of engagement and facts about engagement in Australia today
  • Identifying a lack of engagement within your organisation
  • Types of engagement and how to identify them within your team
  • The benefits of engagement for your staff, your customers and your bottom line
  • Engagement mistakes and how to avoid them so your business does not go backwards
  • How to engage your staff and create a motivated, engaged and inspired team
  • Creating an engaged culture across your business