In the professional world, often conflict is necessary, both for personal and business development. Without conflict, we would not be able to look at our plans and decisions from different angles.

While healthy discussion can be positive, when people cannot work through an issue it can lead to unpleasant encounters which limit growth and development. When this type of conflict arises, negative energy can result in hurt feelings, damaged relationships and loss of productivity.

During this course, delegates will receive the tools they need to resolve conflict in a way that produces a win for all involved, and benefits the business in the long term.

WeTrain’s style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.


Zein Conflict Resolution: Getting along in the workplace course is tailored to meet your company’s unique situation and goals.
Each course will vary due to your circumstances but will likely include some of the following topics and material:
  • What conflict is and why it has the potential to escalate at every level of business
  • The types of conflict, the stages of conflict and the difference between spontaneous and reflective actions
  • The most common conflict resolution styles and how to resolve conflict with positive outcomes for all
  • Using active listening, paraphrasing skills and body language to minimise conflict
  • How to use conflict to elicit opportunities which can be put to use within the business
  • Intervening in conflicting situations and the role of communication in conflict resolution
  • Leveraging conflict for better productivity and performance
  • Supporting fellow team members during times of conflict
  • and more…


We all encounter conflict in our daily lives. What’s important is to use it in a positive way and move forward. To help resolve conflict, one needs to be able to ask the right questions, listen and be motivated to work towards a win/win for all.

Conflict Resolution Training is important for both internal and external-facing staff. The benefits of attending this workshop include:

  • A more harmonious workplace with fewer incidences of conflict
  • An understanding of how to use conflict to benefit the business and make good decisions
  • Better collaboration between individuals and teams
  • Improved staff engagement and retention thanks to a more positive work environment
  • Improved customer service from team members who know how to handle difficult situations
  • Fewer customer complaints as customers feel supported and listened to
  • Better business outcomes


Zein’s Conflict Resolution: Getting along in the workplace program is useful for anyone in any workplace. Our past clients are varied both in their positions and industries. For example, we’ve had frontline staff training alongside their CEOs. Experience and customer feedback have told us that Conflict Resolution: Getting along in the workplace is beneficial threefold: for the attendees, the organisation and ultimately, the customer.

Employees who will find the course content helpful include:

  • Your sales teams and their support staff
  • Your brand ambassadors
  • Press and marketing teams
  • Your admin teams, receptionists, telephonists and public ambassadors


As your course is unique to your company, we tailor it to the appropriate level and audience relevance. Just tell us your requirements.


Zein's Conflict Resolution: Getting along in the workplace course is generally presented as an engaging, interactive and fun two-day program, however, we can tailor the content to present a shorter session for conferences and events.

We aim to deliver training which is completely relevant to your business and your team. That’s why we undertake an initial consultation, where we assess the skill level of your attendees, address your desired outcomes and find out valuable information about your company and its current set-up.

Remember, it’s your course, so you get to decide where it takes place. We are happy to teach zein’s Conflict Resolution: Getting along in the workplace program either from your workplace or at a venue of your choice.