Communication is so important for efficiency and positive outcomes in the workplace. If you find your team has difficulty delivering or following instructions, or if you notice constant misunderstandings between your staff, Communication Training can help regain control.

Learning how to effectively communicate benefits both the individual and the organisation. As well as covering written communication, we will assess non-verbal skills and demonstrate how these affect interactions within the workplace. Using their new skills, staff will be able to deal with difficult situations, give and receive constructive criticism and improve their overall communication skills.

Zein's style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.


Like all Zein courses, our Communication Training course is designed specifically around your individual business needs. This means each course is slightly different but here’s an idea of what it is likely to cover:


  • How to understand your unique communication style and adapt it to situations and other people’s styles
  • Techniques to give clear communication and avoid misunderstandings and confusion
  • How to communicate with a group
  • Building and enhancing relationships using
  • How to use positive language
  • Essential knowledge regarding non-verbal interaction and body language
  • How to build your active learning skills and become a great listener
  • How to deliver a high impact message
  • Using language for persuasion and influence
  • Turning tough situations upside down so the outcome is a winning one for all involved
  • The 10 fundamental rules of communication in successful relationships
  • Taking your newly learnt communication skills and actioning a plan


Your staff are your company’s greatest asset and essential in achieving your business goals and targets. To do this, they need to be able to communicate effectively with each other and with your customers, partners and suppliers. Zein's Communication Training will ensure your team develop and hone skills to improve direct and indirect communication with customers and fellow staff members.

The benefits of taking Zein's course are numerous and specific to each company. However, we commonly receive feedback about these particular benefits:

  • Your organisation will be represented by a more professional team, including both team members and managers
  • Better communication between existing and prospective customers will boost your business
  • That all-important ‘first impression’ matters – in this instance, your team’s first interaction with customers will be professional and effective
  • New communication skills will create a confident and happy team and workplace environment
  • Your internal and external corporate messages will be delivered in a more succinct and compelling manner